Michelle leigh author


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Savannah Baxter’s first day at a new school in a new town isn’t unlike any of the other first days in new towns that she’s experienced before, until her mission to remain in the shadows, unnoticed and undisturbed, literally runs right into her in the form of Jesse Gainer.

 A loner by any standard, Jesse is exactly the type of person Savannah tries to shy away from. Despite his outward appearance and penchant for brooding, Jesse harbors secrets that will pull at Savannah’s heart strings. 

Soon, the two unlikely allies will find themselves facing the unimaginable. Both have known sorrow, but neither is prepared for the depths of emotion and despair that a tragedy of this proportion will put them through. As one fights for what was lost, the other fights for a chance at something that seemed out of reach just a short time ago. 

Can love, acceptance, and loss bring Savannah and Jesse together? Or will this horrific event separate them before they’ve even had a chance?